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Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Corrugated Polycarbonate Solid

    POLYSHINE Corrugated Solid Sheet is made of 100% Engineering Polycarbonate Resin and co-extruded out with Anti-ultraviolet material, which takes the most developed technology. The finished product has characters of flexible installation, high light transmission, light weight, sound waterproof funct... Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Z-LOCK Polycarbonate Solid She

    POLYSHINE Z-locked Solid sheet adopts the special Z-shape connection and free floating structure, which could effectively improve the shock resistance capability, reduce building load, solve thermal expansion problem, so as to achieve 100% leakage prevention. The whole roofing system is all PC trans... Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    High Optical Quality PC Solid

    The best quality optical transparent sheet comes from BREYER extrusion production equipment. Germany BREYER has more than 60 Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Radiant Barrier Polycarbonate

    POLYSHINE Anti-infrared sheet selects the top level imported raw materials, using the world advanced Nanometer technology, being with spectral selection function, which is the new generation heat insulation material. It can be intelligent to identify and block more than 90% heat generated by the inf... Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Light Diffuser Polycarbonate S

    POLYSHINE LED Diffusion Sheet uses imported and worldwide advanced nanotechnology diffusion material with higher index of refraction and together with the new generation of formula to change the optical property of pc sheet,which makes the light more soft and uniform distributed. POLYSHINE new formu... Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Sound Barrier Polycarbonate Sh

    Soundproof solid sheet focuses on sound barriers for roads, overhead roads, highways, railways and rail transportation and residential quarters engineering application, which has a more prominent sound insulation effect than common insulation materials, the characteristics of ageing resistance, and... Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Bullet Resistant PC Solid Shee

    Polyshine Bulletproof PC sheet, which is also called unbreakable glass, the specific gravity is only half of universal glass, with high impact resistance and high light transparency. Polyshine Bulletproof PC sheet is easy to delivery and installation to save both of time and labor, which is widely u... Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Prismatic Polycarbonate Solid

    Polyshine Prism Textured PC sheet is a branch of the embossed sheets. As its appearance is unique, which has the function of Prism or Frosted glass, it is generally used for indoor decoration or partition, advertisement industry, mechanical manufacturing industry etc. Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Grain Polycarbonate Solid Shee

    The anti-impact embossed sheet with one side UV-protected coating, not only enhances the covered performance but also avoids strong glare of the direct illuminate, scatters reflected light, make light softer, and reduces light pollution. Read More
  • Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    General Polycarbonate Solid Sh

    Universal solid sheet has transparent texture like glass , but only with half the weight of glass and unbroken in impact resistance, which can be processed by cold bending, equipment and heat synthesis. The halogen-free flame retardant PC clear sheet( 3-8mm thickness) has passed DIN5510-2S standard.... Read More