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Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

POLYSHINE Corrugated Solid Sheet is made of 100% Engineering Polycarbonate Resin and co-extruded out with Anti-ultraviolet ma

POLYSHINE Corrugated Solid Sheet is made of 100% Engineering Polycarbonate Resin and co-extruded out with Anti-ultraviolet material, which takes the most developed technology.  The finished product has characters of flexible installation, high light transmission, light weight, sound waterproof function and high impact strength.These characters make POLYSHINE Corrugated Solid Sheet the ideal building material in various structures of roofing and cladding.


Corrugated Solid Sheet Characteristics

Light Transmisson: The transmittance is up to 92%.

Sound Insulation: Light weight, 1/15 of Glass density.

Impactresistance: High impact crushing

Fire Retardancy: Nonflammable B1 grade, no fire source, no toxic gas.

Weather Ability: It can be used at -40 ℃ to +120℃.

UV-Protection: Prevent 99.9% UV, ensure long weather resistance.

Easy Installation: Easy to operate and insta.


Product Application

-Building roofing and skylights

-Industrial daylighting skylight

-Agricultural greenhouses

-Residential roofing, flower racks, canopies, garage etc

-Light roofs and awnings

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