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Company Profile

2005  Polyshine Founded

2011  PC-U lock sheet put into production

2012  Chins'a first PC Multiwall Corrugated Sheet

2013  Won the National High-Tech Enterprise

2016  Germany Breyer Optical Machine put into production   

2018  Enter the field of automotive industry and rail transit

POLYSHINE is the only manufacturer who integrates production of PC Sheet, PC Film, and PC Modified Material, and we are the biggest factory of Polycarbonate sheet in China.

In 2005, POLYSHINE Technology(SHANGHAI) Co.,Ltd was founded in Shanghai, and covers an area of 110 hectares, including 45,000 square meters. POLYSHINE is dedicated to the research&development, design,manufacturing,marketing, processing and other services of PC Material.

Our PC Sheets include: PC Hollow Sheet, PC Solid Sheet, U-Lock system Sheet, Corrugated Hollow Sheet, Corrugated Solid Sheet, Thermoclick system Sheet, Light controlling Sheet, Heat-resistant Sheet; These products are widely used for the window of car, safety protection, electrical appliance, municipal architecture, soundproof barrier, modern agriculture, advertising lighting, industrial panel and interior decoration industry;

Our PC Films include: General grade, Flame resistant grade, Optical grade, Special functionalized grade, Luggage case applications and Safety protection and Cards series PC Films;


These products are widely used for lightweight of car, industrial panel, office appliances, packing pring, electrical appliances, transportation and other industries.

PC Modified Material products include: General grade, Enhanced grade, Light diffusion grade, Flame resistant grade and various PC alloyed modified products;

POLYSHINE has supplied different kinds of PC sheets material for the projects construction in China and Asia, including 30 Top 1 projects in China, and 6 Top 1 projects in Asia. And we had provided the preferred lighting solution for SHANGHAI WORLD EXPO 2010!

POLYSHINE PC Film and PC Modified products have been the appointed material for many China local famous enterprises (including LENOVO, CRRC, etc)!

POLYSHINE DREAM--- Help to promote China Polymer New Material industry upgrading, Achieving Made in China 2025.