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Automotive Decorative

Automotive Decorative PC/ABC Modified Plastic Integrated System Solution supplier 

POLYSHINE has high temperature resistance, high weather resistance and low gloss PC modified village materials, which are mainly used in instrument panels, door inner panels, air conditioning air outlets, defogging grilles, handles, glove boxes, ashtrays, sun visors and ceiling lights. In automotive interior materials.

POLYSHINE PC modified materials with high temperature resistance, high weather resistance, high surface gloss and high hardness are mainly used in outer triangular blocks, column plates, rearview mirrors, heat sinks, plated door handles, electroplated trim strips, luggage racks. , license plates, hubcaps and other automotive exterior parts that require high appearance and weather resistance.

In addition, our PC/ABS modified materials are also suitable for headlight brackets, fog lamp housings, fog lamp covers, taillight housings, reading lamp housings, turn signal housings, LED light diffusing mirrors industries, etc. 

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Product advantages:

High weather resistance

High temperature resistance

Glossy controllable

High surface hardness

Light weight


Automotive interior: instrument panel, door inner panel, air conditioning vent, defogging grille, handle, glove box, ashtray, sun visor and ceiling light.

Automotive exterior: outer triangular block, column plate, rear view mirror, heat sink, plated door handle, electroplated trim, luggage support, license plate, hubcap.

Car lights: headlight bracket, fog lamp housing, fog lamp cover, taillight housing, reading lamp housing, turn signal housing, LED light diffusing mirror.