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Office Appliances

The Internet has pushed home and office appliances into the era of Chilian, and the Internet of Things will allow home and office appliances to enter the era of wisdom. This field will be more personalized based on visualization, touch, lightweight, optical grade, durable and easy-to-use materials. PC-functional PC film and optical-grade PC sheet will provide customers with sustainable application solutions.

Office Appliances(图1)
Office Appliances(图2)
Office Appliances(图3)

Product advantages:

Optical grade light transmission

V-0 flame retardant

High temperature resistance


Stable performance




Washing machine panel

Refrigerator hanging shell

Electric rice shell

Electric iron shell

Bread machine

Vacuum cleaner

Sweeping robot

Notebook case

Touch screen, etc.

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Office Appliances(图5)
Office Appliances(图6)