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About our Brand "POLYSHINE"

POLYSHINE is the only manufacturer who integrates production of PC Sheet, PC Film and PC Modified Materials, and we are the largest polycarbonate sheet factory in China. In 2005, it was established in Shanghai, covering a production area of 45,000 square meters.  POLYSHINE is dedicated to the Research & Development, design, manufacturing, marketing, processing and other services of PC Materials.

About our Brand "POLYSHINE"

Complete Product

Our PC Sheet includes: PC Hollow Sheet, PC Solid Sheet, U-Lock System Sheet, Corrugated Hollow &Solid Sheet, etc. Regarding to PC Film and PC Modified Materials, they are widely apply for Electronic Products, LED/LCD Display Screen and transportation system.The color, thickness and functions can be customized according to customer's requirement.

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Achievements and Cooperation

1. POLYSHINE supplies a variety of PC sheets material for project construction in China and Asia, including 30 top projects in China and 6 top projects in Asia. And we had provided the preferred lighting solution for SHANGHAI EXPO 2010.

2. POLYSHINE PC Film and PC Modified products have been the appointed materials of many famous China local enterprises (including LENOVO, CRRC, etc) 

3. POLYSHINE DREAM -- Help to promote polymer new materials industry upgrading. Achieving "Made in China 2025".

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Excellent Quality Control & Production Equipment

With 15 professional production lines, POLYSHINE using Germany BREYER optical quality production line and had imported high-tech equipment. In terms of quality control, after each order is completed, the engineer will make a comprehensive report, such as UV, transmittance, K value, impact strength, etc. Meanwhile, we also apply for the third party certificates, such as UL, ISO, EN.

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Complete service system

We have a professional sales team to provide customers with quick quotation service, to meet the customer's design customized services, and according to the customer requirements provide various sizes of PC sheet cutting services, goods transport logistics tracking, and product installation process. We will provide comprehensive service from pre-sale to after-sale.

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